The Agnini Brothers Keynote Speakers at the SIPO 2019 Event in Bogotà lecturing about the Critical Interface Management

SIPO (Simposio Internacional Práctico Oral) is an academic meeting where theory and practice merge together to create an exchange of ideas and knowledge between the most renowned clinical practioners worldwide. This year the meeting happened in Bogota, mid May, and provided to the audience 3 days of top education, with lectures like How Lay Wang and Marco Veneziani from Italy, for example.

Surgical and prosthetic aspects were approached with theoretical session but also several hands on related to the surgical procedures and digital workflows as well. The Agnini brothers had the privilege to be the opening speakers of the meeting with a 3 hours lecture dedicated to the Management of the anterior esthetic area, specifically focusing on the Surgical Veneer Grafting Approach.

The management of the digital implant prosthetic dentistry, especially in the anterior esthetic area, is in fact  one of the hottest topics in Dentistry. The diagnostic phase is critical. In the course, were discussed all the parameters to achieve the correct diagnosis of the socket and the various treatment plan correlated to each anatomical type of socket. The Dual Zone approach (bone zone and tissue zone) has been evaluated and discussed in detail, regarding each of their variables. In the surgical part, it has been described the criteria necessary for successfully utilizing minimally invasive protocols within the esthetic zone and the possibility of placing or not placing a bone graft in the “gap” and the opportunity to use a connective tissue graft to overbuild the site bucco-lingually, performing the Surgical Veneer Grafting Protocol, idea’ed by the Agnini brothers.

To achieve “Esthetic Perfection”, every minimal detail should be considered, starting from the temporary on the day of the surgery: Drs Agnini will described various clinical options and techniques, comparing the traditional and digital possibilities for efficiently and esthetically fabricating a temporary restoration immediately after implant placement in the replacement of a single tooth. In the digital prosthetic part, the authors analyzed different cases, highlighting the operational differences that they have developed over time, with the increasing knowledge of new materials and daily advances in new software’s. All these aspects were then replicated in the 2 different hands on the Italian brothers did during this magnificent event.

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