Throughout the renovation of both Studios, the final goal has been very clear from the get-go: letting the customer feel welcomed in a comfortable environment from the very first visit. In both our offices in Modena and Sassuolo, the Welcome Area is characterized by majestic counters finished in gold-leaf, carefully settled by the artisans of Neophilia. Colours, design finishes and lighting characterize both Reception areas, highlighting their finesse and comfort.

Waiting Lounges

Both at the Sassuolo and Modena offices, we paid particular attention to detail throughout the creation of cozy Waiting Lounges. At the heart of the project, a thoughtful study on colours and materials. In the Sassuolo Studio, the relaxed atmosphere is created by a dark ceiling dotted with technical lights, carefully positioned to make the furniture stand out. Frakè wood and the leather on the armchairs give the room a final touch of pure industrial style. Modena Studio on the other hand presents the chic combination of dark green and brick red, revisiting the eighteenth-century stuccoes: descending from the ceiling to the particular wallpaper, the golden finishes of the furniture and the vintage seats stand out in an dimmed and sophisticated environment.


At Studio Agnini, nothing is left to chance. For this reason, the spaces that connect the key areas (like the Front Office, the Waiting Room and the Consulting Rooms) aren't just simple passageways. They are atmospheric spaces where the feeling of comfort permeates every moment. The patient will be able to live a relaxing experience in a place where professionalism and design meet: the gold-leaf details, core leitmotiv of the Studio, will accompany him through spaces where modernity and elegance blend together.

Medical Clinics

Like a maze that hides in its center his most precious secret, the Studio Agnini's atmosphere accompany the patient to the very heart of the customer journey: the Medical Clinics. Whatever the occasion may be, just a simple check-up or a more specific treatment, the patient will be able to feel welcomed as soon as he'll cross through the elegant doors inspired by the style of luxurious boutique hotels. Here lingers an unique ambience, where cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design are the main protagonists.

Studio Agnini - Special Comforts

We want every patient to feel at ease and relaxed during visits and appointments. For this reason, we offer you some special extra-services that can help us make your Studio Agnini Experience more enjoyable.