Presentation of the SVG Surgical Kit at the AIOP Bologna International Congress

In the renowned setting of the Aiop International Congress in Bologna, the Surgical Kit, created by the Agnini Brothers and produced by Omnia, for the Surgical Veneer Grafting technique was presented.

For the occasion, thanks to the partnership that links the Agnini Brothers with Implant Direct, a dedicated corporate workshop was organised, with the Lunch and Learn formula, where the Technique and the reasons that led to the formulation of this prosthetic surgical protocol for the management of post-extraction implants in the Aesthetic Zone were explained in detail.

The workshop also emphasised the role of Titanium Bases (SMART Base) and the necessary characteristics they must have to further optimise the final aesthetic result and the longevity of the restoration itself over time.

The international presentation of the SVG Kit, will be on 7th February, during the International Dentalxp Congress, scheduled in Miami from February 7th to 9th and for which the Agnini Brothers, in addition to a theoretical lecture, will also hold a practical course on pig mandibles.

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