Interesting day about teeth whitening held by Dr. Apponi and dr. Sabatini

An intensive course on teeth whitening was held on 22 June at the DDR training centre.

The sixteen participants attended on a very interactive learning day, with 2 live demo, severals theoric sessions and even the projectation and production of domestic whitening aligners.

The speakers, Dr Apponi and Dr Sabatini, have alternated dynamically, trying to cover all possible whitening products, their use and their benefits and limitations, thus offering an extremely practical vision of how and when to offer whitening to patients. A heartfelt thanks goes to the Sponsors (Simit, Ultradent, Dental Trey and Sunstar) who not only supported the event making it possible but also provided different consumables to each participant.

As always happens in the courses at the DDR Center, the day ended with a final aperitif prepared by DI.CA Catering, which has been collaborating successfully for over two years with DDR Education, offering both coffee breaks and light lunches the same attention to detail with which the educational part is managed. The next course dedicated to Dentists and Hygienists is scheduled for October 26th and will have as Topic “Enamel Management” with particular attention to the treatment of White Spots.

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