DDR Education and Agnini Brothers kicking off the DDS World Symposium in Baden Baden

The Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) is an international scientific society founded for the purpose of promoting the knowledge of digital dentistry in the world.

The mission of the Society is:

  • to educate dentists, students, technicians, software developers and engineers on the use of digital technologies in dentistry, through congresses, courses and seminars, high level publications and e-learning platforms, and therefor;
  • to help them in developing their professional knowledge and ability;
  • to draw specific guidelines for the use of digital technologies in dentistry, in order to set and maintain high professional standars, which strengthen the power of Digital Dentistry worldwide;
  • to study and therefore validate the new digital technologies and products offered by the Dental Companies/Industries;
  • to connect dentists, students, dental technicians, software developers and engineers, encouraging research, communication and collaboration between them, in order to stimulate opportunities for the advancement, extension and practice of Digital Dentistry worldwide;
  • to collaborate with Dental Companies/Industries, in order to promote the role of Digital Dentistry worldwide.

    Every 2 years the society gathers most of the expert on the field to share the latest achievement in modern clinical dentistry.

    In this context, the Agnini Brothers had the great privilege and duty to open the meeting, setting the stage on which are the up date fields of application nowadays. Most of the major implant companies and Cad Cam developers were present to expose the latest innovations on intra oral scanning, digital implants and materials.

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