The Agnini Brothers @ the ZimmerBiomet Institute for a 2 days program with US Practioners

The 30 and the 31 of August the Agnini Brothers together with their coworker Dr Roberto Apponi hold a practical program on “Digital Vs Analogic Full Arch Implant Rehabilitations” to a group of 16 American Doctors. The Zimmer Biomet Institute provides an interactive learning environment for enhancing Education and Training, with personalized experiences that deliver results with the ultimate goal of improved clinical outcomes.

Zimmer Biomet Educational Institute is designed to expose all healthcare professionals to the benefits, as well as the safe and effective use, of Zimmer Biomet products and technologies. During the 2 days program the attendees had the opportunity to test the different methodic of full arch impression and their benefits and limitations.

Thanks to the new collaboration of ZimmerBiomet with Itero, each clinicians had the opportunity to try the new Intra Oral Scanner on their individual phantoms. These items were covered through lecture, small group discussions and exercises and hands-on sawbones labs. Instructional courses addressed relevant anatomical and physiological considerations, clinical efficacy and representative clinical examples.

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