The Agnini Brothers Keynote Speakers at the first Digital Dentistry Society Reunion during the Aria Cad Cam Conference

Friday the 6 of October it was held, at the beautiful Lyon Convention Center, the first DDS reunion during the Aria Cad Cam conference, with a lecture titled

The role of Digital Dentistry in everyday clinical practice

If You want to watch the entire presentation of the Agnini brothers at the meeting simply follow this link 

Aria Cad Cam is the most important event for Digital Dentistry in France and it happens once every 2 year. This year, during the 3 days of conference, the meeting gathered over 2200 people from all over France.

This year for the first time the DDS (Digital Dentistry Society) partnered with Aria to create a unique event during the Friday session inside the exposition area, with speakers such as Miguel Stanley, Henriette Lerner and Mario Imburgia among others.

The Digital Dentistry Society ( is composed by 151 Active Members (including the Agnini Brothers) from different countries. The Active Members of the Digital Dentistry Society are eminent experts in multiple fields of Digital Dentistry (Data Acquisition, Restorative & Prosthodontics, Surgery, Orthodontics).

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