TeethXpress Educational Weekend in Sassuolo – Live Surgery and Provisional Delivery

He was held last weekend at the Sassuolo DDR Training Center, the international TeethXpress program, organized by BioHorizons, an implant American company based in Birmingham, Alabama.

The program was attended by 12 international dentists (six Britons, two Hungarians, three Spanish and one Italian) that in addition to the training course, were guests of the Ferrari Museum and the Restaurant Il Cavallino in Maranello and concluded the three days with a gala dinner at Restaurant Europa 92, inside the Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti.

During the two-day training on the other hand, the students attended, on Friday, a Live surgery of six straight implants immediately loaded, while on Saturday, the Agnini brothers gave them a theoretical overview about up to date research on this specific topic, considering also the upcoming digital possibilities.

At the end of the Saturday session the Fixed Provisional Restoration on Implants was positioned in the patients mouth, live.

The combination of the excellence of Modena, Ferrari and Pavarotti, and the educational program was appreciated by all participants and BioHorizons has already scheduled a new date for the year 2016.

What is the TeethXpress Solution?

Many people who have conventional dentures don’t like to wear them because they don’t stay in place. TeethXpress offers a way to keep dentures secure and allows you to go about your daily life with confidence. Conventional dentures are designed to give you the appearance of natural teeth, but not actually replace your natural teeth. You may have noticed that your denture that once fit well now slips constantly and requires costly visits to the dentist for adjustment. That’s because every day that you wear a denture the bone in your jaw shrinks a little more. Eventually the denture won’t fit at all and you will have to replace it.

TeethXpress is a very different solution. You will still have beautiful natural looking teeth, but now they will also function like natural teeth. The TeethXpress solution secures your denture to surgically placed dental implants so that you can eat, speak and live confidently without the fear of slipping dentures. Click on About TeethXpress for more details.

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