Second 2019 Chinese Dental Roadshow for the Agnini Brothers

China has been experiencing a huge change since the government realized the critical problem of human health, including oral health. Hence, the Chinese government has recently released a series of health policies with a particular focus on promoting oral health. Relative to its Belt and Road partners, dentistry in China is well established, having this country a long history of modern dental education and relatively sophisticated domestic manufacturing.

According to the 13th five-year plan for health, the major tasks of oral health promotion from 2016–2020 will focus on (1) including oral health examination as a regular part of the conventional physical examination, (2) integrating intervention for populations susceptible to oral diseases into the comprehensive program for the prevention of chronic diseases, (3) advocating healthy lifestyles, including reductions in salt, fat and sugar consumption, and promoting better management of oral health, body weight and musculoskeletal health, (4) speeding up the development of oral health-related industries to satisfy people’s increasing oral health demands and (5) implementing the dental education all over China.

In this growing environment the Agnini Brothers, together with different components of the DDR Team,  have been chosen to increase the level of dental knowledge in China by means of dedicated roadshow touching different cities in China.

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