DDR Education lecturing for the Dental Students at PENN University

Monday the 19, the Agnini Brothers and doctor Roberto Apponi had the opportunity to lecture to the Dental Students of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. Established in 1878, Penn Dental Medicine is among the oldest university-affiliated dental schools in the nation. Penn’s 12 schools are located on a singular campus within walking distance of one another.

Penn Dental Medicine is a private, ivy-league institution with a history deeply rooted in forging precedents in dental education, research, and patient care. Since its founding, dentistry has been taught in a scientific environment as a specialty of medicine and under the multidisciplinary umbrella of the University of Pennsylvania. Upenn has on its faculty lineup, top knotch educational speakers and educators such as Ernesto Lee and Markus Blatz, who hosted the Agnini Brothers during their lunch and learn session, supported by Omnia, to the Implant Study Club on the Surgical Veneer Grafting protocol.

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