DDR Education presents for the first time at the King Saud University International Dental Conference in Riyadh

Alessandro and Andrea Agnini will lecture at the 16th King Saud University International Dental Conference and the 27th for the Saudi Dental Society from 5 to 7 of January.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Regenerative Dentistry”, which together with Regenerative Medicine, is based on the natural ability of body cells and tissues to restore themselves under certain conditions. Owing to advances in modern science, we now know more about the mechanisms behind every tissue in the body to self-repair. Those mechanisms are being investigated further as we learn that living cell regeneration is dependent on many factors such as genetics, hormones and environmental influences.

The conference also allows for diversity of research covering other fields of Dentistry through oral presentations and posters and it also offers full state exhibits which show the current trend in dental materials, instruments and equipment. It is possible to download the full schedule of the program simply clicking on this link www.sdsam.org.

Specifically the Agnini Brothers will have a 3 hours workshop on how to approach Full Arch Rehabilitations and they will speak twice on the main podium with 2 one hour lectures.

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