DDR Education at La Sapienza University to talk about new technologies applied in the field of Dental Hygiene

On Friday 15 June, at the sixth meeting of the Master’s Degree Course in Advanced Technologies in Oral Hygiene Sciences, the Agnini brothers spoke to the master students about how to integrate the use of the Itero intraoral scanner into daily clinical practice. A practical test was also held during the day, during which the students were able to try out the instrument among themselves, thus testing its ease of use and effectiveness in taking intra-oral impressions.

The aim of the Master’s course is to provide theoretical-practical learning in order to address clinical-scientific issues in the field of primary and secondary prevention, as well as to train operators capable of handling any type of patient with accurate integrity. The University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ (also abbreviated to Sapienza University of Rome and colloquially La Sapienza) is an Italian state university founded in 1303, one of the oldest in Italy and the world.

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