The Agnini Brothers at the International Digital Days in Paris

One of the very first event in 2020 was probably one of those that will be remembered.
All the Digital Dentistry experts and companies were present at the first edition of the International Digital Days in Paris at the Porte Maillot Conference Center. The conference objective intended returning to the scientific fundamentals, including amongst other things, the relevance and benefit of digital technologies in the face of the biological challenge of our treatments. 

The program’s scientific content exposes people in dental profession to a great variety of situations and multidisciplinary concepts of a medical, treatment analysis, surgical, occlusal or prosthetic nature, in the context of current digital technologies, with their indications, long-term results, and technical implications.
More than twenty speakers brought through their experiences, an extensive overview: from new approaches in smile analysis, the incorporation of virtual occlusion analysis, the contribution made by the digital data stream throughout the course of multidisciplinary treatments, the possibilities offered by the latest digital scanners, and the introduction of computer-aided technology for 3D surgical reconstructions, to the various guided surgery concepts.

The Agnini Brothers were the keynote speakers of the Saturday lunch time session, with a one hour lecture titled “Complete Digital Workflow in Esthetic Rehabilitations”, covering all the aspects regarding the data acquisition, elaboration and production for restorations both on natural teeth and implants.
The over 500 attendees had the privilege to attend, among others, the lectures from Christian Coachman, Maurice Salama, Mario Imburgia, Stavros Pelekanos and Howard Gluckman.

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