Russian Speaking Digital Implatology Program successfully completed at the DDR Training Center in Sassuolo

Friday and Saturday 7 and 8 of September 2018 in Sassuolo, at the DDR training center, it was held a Russian Digital Implant Prosthetic program on the combination of Implant Dentistry, with Alpha Bio Neo Implant and the Digital Innovations in everyday dentistry.

25 between clinicians and dental technicians from across Russia, Ukraine and Kazakistan and assisted to two theorical and practical full days on Digital Dentistry with Live Session on patient and Cad Session in streaming with the Agnini brothers lab technician Simone Maffei.

During the 2 days the participants had the opportunity to also try the NEO Implant in the practical hands on portion on pig maxillae, together with the Surgical Veneer Grafting procedure kit, produced by Omnia and developed by the Agnini Brothers. Alpha Bio addresses the needs of dental professionals, leverage the experience and technologies, utilize experts and invest in research, training and education.

Their cutting edge, in-house manufacturing facility, which is operational 24/7, includes a dedicated QA department to ensure the highest possible standards and quality of our products and the provision of a lifetime warranty for our dental implants.

Alpha Bio firmly believe that sharing their knowhow and experience is central to ensuring successful and effective implantology work. Every year, they infect provide more than 150 courses around the world, where they train their customers to be as professional and educated in the latest dental implantology procedures and workflow methods. The next Russian speaking course will be held in Palermo the 20/21 of October, together with Mario Imburgia, Roberto Apponi and the Agnini Brothers.

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