Pic Dental System at Studio Agnini testing the Pic Camera for the Full Digital Workflow

Wednesday 30 of May, Adrian Hernandez, creator of the Pic Dental System visited the Studio Agnini in Sassuolo for a case series evaluation, utilizing the revolutionary Pic Camera and Pic Abutments, for completing the full arches full digital workflow.

In implantoprosthesis rehabilitations, the difficulty of the impression increases with the number of implants to be captured and their angulations.

It involves a complex process with many factors which means that when you make the master model there’s no guarantee of the accuracy on the first try each time due to the limitations of current materials, devices and processes when trying to capture large areas with precision.

PIC Dental provides the world’s most precise impression technology. It guarantees a consistent 100% effectiveness rate regardless of the user, technique, patient and number and length of implants, as demonstrated in thousands of successful clinical cases.

At the core of the process is the PIC camera, a high precision stereo camera that allows to complete an impression in less than 1 minute following a simple capture protocol. Pic Dental System, the Agnini brothers and DDR Education, will keep this series of evaluation to create a predictable full digital workflow for every full arch rehabilitation.

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