Last Scientific Article by the Agnini Brothers, Coachman and Chu is finally available

Thank to the support from the german Quintessence Edition it is finally available the last scientific article by the Agnini Brothers, on Quintessenz Zahntech, one of the most valuable scientific journal in German.

The Article, “Digital Smile Design und Chu Gauges Ästhetik-Set im interdisziplinären Behandlungsansatz“, it has been done in collaboration with 2 of the most known dentist worldwide: the brasilian Christian Coachman and the American Steven Chu.

Both are the minds behind to of the most useful tools in everyday clinical practice, such as the Digital Smile Design and the Chu Gauges: those permit to the patient to get a visual impact of what is possible to be done for him/her and, at the same time, they improve the comunication between the dental team component, while planning a multidisciplinary case.

The Agnini Brothers on stage in Ecuador with Christian Coachman

Infact, to achieve consistent esthetic and functional results is critical to work as a team, in where the patient plays a pivotal role as well.

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