The Agnini Brothers at the ADI Congress in Edinburgh lecturing about Surgical Veneer Grafting

The biennial ADI Team Congress is one of the foremost dental implantology meetings in Europe, with its unique combination of a Plenary Programme with internationally renowned speakers, parallel programmes for technicians, nurses & practice managers, hygienists & therapists and students, as well as corporate forums, a large exhibition, electronic posters and fantastic social events.

Congress 2019 entitled ‘Shaping the Future of Dental Implantology: Techniques – Technology – Teamwork’, hold on 2 – 4 May 2019 at the EICC, Edinburgh. The Congress programmes explored current hot topics and look to the future to discover what’s next in the world of implant dentistry.

The Agnini Brothers were part of an extraordinary speakers line up set up by the President Dr Abid Faqir and they lectured about the Surgical Veneer Grafting Protocol in the Esthetic Area, joining as well the discussion panel with Dr Istvan Urban and Lindon Cooper among others. As well as the educational experience, the Congress is renowned for having social events that provide a great opportunity to network and to renew friendships. The Congress Dinner provided time to relax and party in the spectacular National Museum of Scotland.

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